This past week we went to the Seattle Art Museum and saw the Yves Saint Laurent exhibit and did a fun art workshop! First, we sat down with our tour guides and had a quick discussion on the history of YSL and she took us to look at few pieces from other exhibits where we talked about how your appearance affects others impressions of you.

The first room in the exhibit was filled with beautiful pieces from various collections and it also showed Laurent’s design process through his sketches and swatches of fabrics. A lot of the things we saw in this room have been on trend throughout the last few years, just showing how Laurent’s designs are still influencing designers today. In the next room we saw some of Laurent’s more scandalous designs like the women’s tuxedo and sheer tops. It was very surreal to be standing next to designs that have influenced the fashion industry so much! Throughout the exhibit we were able to talk one-on-one with our guide and she told us that Laurent actually designed each piece with a certain model in mind. Also, every piece was hand stitched, Laurent never did any sewing on his pieces.

After the exhibit, we went to a workshop with an artist who talked to us about the basic properties of art like color, line, shape, etc. We were given a white t-shirt and were challenged to create a unique shirt while working as a team and then present our designs to the class. Check out the awesome designs our classmates made in the pictures below! We saw some similar ideas between groups, people took inspiration from the exhibit, cultural backgrounds, and popular trends today.

We had an amazing time at the SAM! There was so much to see and we hope to go back soon to get a second look!