WE’AR The Change

We’ar The Change was Hannah Darrow and Grace Wilson’s design-a-line project. Below is more information behind the name and their company.

“WE’AR THE CHANGE is a play on the phrase, We Are The Change and Wear The Change.

We believe that our generation is the change when it comes to social and environmental issues. Roughly 74% of millennial leaders believe that they can make a difference in the world.  It is our mission to create clothing that sends a message to our youth, we are the change.

Young adults are becoming more aware of the impact their clothing has on the environment, our sweatshirts are made out of organic cotton which is a great alternative to chemically grown cotton. Our material is not the only way we will be “wearing the change”, our clothing is the first indicator to others of who we are. We created We’ar the Change to provide people our age with comfortable, fashion forward clothing that represents something more than just clothes.

We are both seniors in high school and are studying Fashion & Merchandising at Sno-Isle Skills Center. Our passion for the earth and human rights led us to the idea of making a sustainable fashion brand” (We’ar The Change).