The Neighborhood Kids

 The Neighborhood Kids was Jacalyn Steins and Nicole Bodine’s Design-A-Line project. Below is more information behind the target market and the brand. 

The target market is for infants and kids. When you think of a neighborhood you think about kids playing in the streets with their best friends, therefore neighborhood Kids.

We chose neighborhood because it gives the sense of comfort and happiness. When people shop for our product whether it’s online or in a store, we want them to feel as if they were walking through their neighborhood. When people think about a neighborhood they think of a happy place which brings comfort to people. It’s a familiar place where you grew up, where the best memories were made, and unforgettable stories and people you will never forget. We chose to call this brand The Neighborhood Kids because we wanted to create a warm, comforting and childlike feel when people shop at our stores.