Pantone 2017

The next collection of seasonal colors for the Spring and Summer of 2017, put out by Pantone Color Institute, are going to be based on natural hues found in the great outdoors. These colors will induce relaxation as well as an energetic and fresh look. Although I love all of them, I have several favorites from this amazing collection.

The first color is Niagara Denim Blue, a calm hue that pairs nicely with countless colors due to its muted tones. The name gives the impression of it being a color found in nature, perhaps near water.

The fourth color is Flame, a passionate red based orange. It is meant to inspire a fun loving look with energy and charisma. Overall, this color gives a very bright and cheery vibe that everyone can enjoy. It also gives a tropical look, which ties in to the outdoors theme.

The fifth color is Island Paradise Aqua Blue, a wonderfully peaceful hue that looks airy and light like the sky. Obviously, this is another nature themed color to create tranquility. This color creates a very feminine and elegant look without being overstated.

The sixth color is Pale Dogwood Pink, a subtle and elegant pink that demonstrates pure sophistication and femininity. Again, this color feels very earthy as it is muted and its color is as delicate as the petals on a flower.

The ninth color is cleverly titled Kale due to its dark green hue, which is very natural. It’s a nice muted color and extremely earthy which has a calming effect. It also can pair nicely with many other colors or stand on its own. Overall, it’s a very versatile color and a staple for everyone’s closet.

These are the top 10 hues for spring and summer of 2017. All of them are extremely calming, cheery and natural feeling.