Intro to Design-A-Line

Hey guys!

We wanted to give you a quick update on what our second semester will look like at Sno-Isle.

First semester we spent time learning about textiles, color, the history of fashion, and how to research relevant information. Using all that we learned during first semester, we will now be creating a mock business plan for a company we create. This will include coming up with a unique label, researching the target market for the company, creating a store layout, and coming up with a marketing scheme. Also, defining where your product is made, what retailer it is sold to, price point, etc. Next comes deciding what your product will actually look like and creating a visual book that buyers would look at if they were interested in your company, along with this, having a prototype of some of your designs.

We will end this semester with a fashion show, presenting our designs to our peers and having booths to explain in detail what our company aims to do.

Expect to see many exciting posts about our classmates progress and ideas throughout second semester!

Also, if you are interested in attending Sno-Isle next year, there will be interviews on March 8th and 9th. Talk to your school counselor and check out the website for more information.