Macy’s Field Trip

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This week we had the to opportunity to explore Macy’s at Alderwood Mall for a field trip. We learned about what the retail business is like behind the scenes. We got to meet store managers, tour, visit and learn about different careers offered at the retail level.

Macy’s was founded over 150 years ago; their flagship store covers almost an entire New York City block. As of 2015, Macy’s is the largest U.S. department store by retail sales.

The sales manager’s Doreen and Natalie took us around the store and were our personal tour guides for the day! We started out by going to the morning rally where the employees discuss numbers from the previous day, new goals, and any announcements. Macy’s is partnering with the new movie Trolls and has decorations all throughout the store to promote the movie! First, we met with Michael, the visual manager, and he described to us the process of creating displays and working with corporate on creating the right feel for each Macy’s display. After that we went through different departments and got to talk to the manager of the Benefit cosmetic counter (Celeste), the INC specialist (Sally), and the merchandising team (Kristina and Emily) . We ended with a group photo and Macy’s was kind enough to give us each gift bags at the end of our tour!  


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