Filson + Zulily Field Trip

Hello everyone! Yesterday we went on our highly anticipated field trip to Filson and Zulily, both located in Seattle, WA. We had an amazing experience at both companies and can’t express our gratitude enough to them for welcoming us and bringing us into their world for a day.

We started off at Filson where we entered into the outdoor and nature world. We got to see Filson’s repair area, where they repair old Filson items using recycled Filson material and materials from the damaged item. Fun fact: Filson has a lifetime guarantee on all of their items.

We toured through Filson’s flagship store and were impressed by their amazing decor and room aesthetic. Filson not only shows off their clothing and luggage but also home items to accompany their beautiful store, including a wood-burning fireplace!

At the flagship store we walked through their manufacturing area and were able to watch luggage being made.

We then made our way to their second manufacturing location (only walking distance from the flagship store) and had the amazing opportunity to watch their materials being cut, dyed, and prepared for sewing.

Thank you to Filson for our wonderful tour! We will definitely be coming back in the future.

After our time at Filson we got back on our bus and made our way over to Zulily, an e-commerce company based in Seattle. After we arrived and got checked in we had a wonderful opening presentation on an overview of Zulily. Out of respect for the company we did not take pictures but we can still give you guys some insight on their amazing company. 

We had the opportunity to walk around Zulily and see what goes on behind the scenes. There were a ton of studios set up. Some of them were for product shots, and others were editorial which were the photos with models and a scene.

We got to speak with people from all careers at Zulily. We especially loved the Q&A where we got to ask all sorts of questions from “where are you from?” to “how do you deal with the pressure of making mistakes?”. The Zulily team was so kind to take the time and talk to us.

Thank you again Filson and Zulily for a wonderful time at your businesses.