Every Beautiful Body

A Media Message written by Alexa Fouch

  Refinery29 is starting a project called Every Beautiful Body in NYC. Several models with varying weights, ages and races all got together to create a memorable photo shoot displaying very different women all wearing high class fashion. The models were all participants of the “Straight/Curve: Fashion Reimagined” exhibit, photographed by Anastasia Garcia. Their photos were displayed in NYC on October 26th at the “Refinery29 Every Beautiful Body” event. They will also be shown in Straight/Curve, a documentary which discusses how the idea of an “ideal” body type should be changed to be more realistic.

Jenny McQuaile, the film director of Straight/Curve, explained her opinions well by stating, “We live in a melting pot society, and most people are simply not being represented. Everybody has the right to feel good and comfortable in their own body.” Jenny wants to change the fact that usually only white, straight and skinny women are portrayed in high class fashion. She believes that beauty is diverse and she wanted to prove that with a wonderfully varied photo shoot. Her goal is to have women of all different types feel represented by the fashion media in an accurate yet beautiful way. Many people feel that the fashion industry has very unrealistic expectations of beauty and McQuaile is taking a stand against it.

 Some of the models working with the project are: Charli Howard, Nicola Griffin, Jennie Runk, Iskra Lawrence, Philomena Kwao and seven other women all of different ethnicities, ages, shapes and sizes.

Women want to challenge the fashion industries definition of beauty because it has hardly any diversity. They want a realistic depiction of themselves while still remaining beautiful.

 This will affect the fashion/ business industry because according to McQuaile, around 90% of women feel that they are not represented by the fashion industry. Imagine if that 90% finally felt represented, they might feel more compelled to purchase clothes that actually worked for them. This would definitely increase sales for those businesses that decide to use diverse models that represent the general public.

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